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About Corael


CORAEL s.r.l. was born in 1987 after a ten year experience in planning and producing informatic systems and local networks in the following fields: production, distribution and Electronics Service Centers.

From the very beginning we have used the most advanced technologies in software production, in few years we have made advanced software packages addressed to Electronics Service Centers, production, distribution and accounting data processing.




The results of these options, from our commitment to our enthusiasm for each program are herinafter summed up :

1 software package for Service Centers that is becoming a leader product in this field thanks to the possibilities offered to the centers. It can be used by the small support center and product dealer as well as the big support technical centers connected with the Producer Companies and also by the Producer Company to process their own support network.

1 computerized telephone system  for users of  technical support processing software (Formula and others).

1 accounting package

  Herinafter there is a list of the Operating Features of CORAEL technology:

Advanced development environment  warrantying a higher development capacity and results reliability;  we use the following systems: CLIPPER for  DOS and Windows; Visual C for DOS and Windows; Visual FoxPro, Delphi for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP.

The use and maintenance easiness of the software is the result of analyses and projects where functionality and hergonomy are priorities.

Standard data format (xBase for DOS and Windows, ANSI-SQL for Windows) to save user informative assets, due to the possibility to move the data from a system to another; extremely convenient costs in relation to the high quality results of process optimation, development and maintenance.

Corael s.r.l. Via Montenero 8 - 10154 Torino (Italy) Tel. +39 011 2422734  Fax +39 011 203272

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