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I prefer a processing program specifically made for the special demands of my Technical Assistance Center, developed by a good programmer or by a company nearby. Which are the advantages of buying your program?

This program Formula has been installed in more than a hundred companies offering a liability warranty, since it has been tested for many different use requests.

Corael programs have been planned, developed and are assisted by a team of analysts and programers, with high normative experience and company processing, specially for processing of Technical support Centers; they are not a program updating they are specifically made to solve all the problems concerning Technical support Centers.

A program developed "at home", also by a good programmer does not give the developtment  warranties of continuity, integration and, updating that only a special structured aimed only to produce companies software can give.





Doesn't application easiness damage its enhancement?

On the contrary, Corael programs are so easy to use because are the result of an advance project, without comparison in the software processing market, from the concrete/specific demands of Technical support Centers, and using the most modern informatic tools for the software development, brought to the execution of a series of modular programs that cope with the simpliest and most rational way the complex requests of Technical support Centers.

The software application complexity often is related to bad programmed programs or written in not suitable development languages.





I have seen programs supplied with thicker and more complete manuals than yours. Is this not an index of higher software enhancement?

A thick manual is often a necessary completion of an irksome and complex program in the interface with operator. The current development lines of software tend to produce "intuitive" use programs that require a minimum study and consultation of the manual. The manual necessity and the software application complexity propduces inevitably big problems wiht the operator interchange, with the consequent disadvantges in case of absences, transfers, etc...

In the future, with high prohability, software manuals will be look at with the same frequency as today one looks at the instruction manual of car or televisions.

Not getting so far but yet archiving very good results in that direction, the Corael software is supplied with quick manuals and contextual synthetic aids, all of them can be consulted on the screen with just one click.





I have seen other programs contained in a high number of diskettes. How can your programs be so rich and complete if each one is contained in only one diskette?

The number of diskettes containing a program it  is not necessarily linked to the complexity or enhancement of it. More frequently the cause is the use of old languages and not suitable any more for computers, such as COBOL, or unsuitable for a flexible processing of the data archives, such as BASIC. The Corael programs are written using more powerful and modern software production available nowadays, such as Clipper and C: furthermore programs are compacted when submitted, in order to have the contains of four diskettes in one. All this can be translated in a greater simplicity, speed,and safety installation.

Corael products are all ready using a technology that other software producer are trying now to imitate.





What does "self-installing" mean? My company staff has no experience in using personal computers. Will they be able to install and use your programs?

Yes. Operators with no experience have to check by the supplier, that the processor has the required requests for Corael program and that it has on its hardware the Ms-Dos or Windows operating system. Then it is enough to input the program diskette and press the keyboard.

The program will start its installation setting all what is required on the hard disk for its correct operating. In few minutes you will be able to operate: it is enough to type Formula and follow the instructions displayed on screen. We suggest you to start the sooner the better to "explore" the program and to "play" with no fear. It is useful to acquire confidence/familiarity with the machine and to overcome any informatic psycological barriers of the operator. Next the user can calmly look at  the manual. All data enetered at the "tests" can be quickly deleted executing a new program installation (as above) : In order to use Corael Programs no informatic notions are required , even tough for a more acnowledged use it is interesting that the operator knows the operative system MS-Dos and its main comands (it is also appropiate but not necessary , that the driver  knows the functions of engine , gear , sparks etc...)





Notwithstanding the easy installation and use, I should meet problems, is it possible to receive some sort of support?

Sure. In an increasing  number of zones at national level, there are assistants, agents or dealers available to help you in case of troubles at the installation and start up stages. Anyway you can also benefit/use the telephone CORAEL "hot line" (5 lines ) fax to send quick prints, or modem to send and receive programs and files. The software is the only "good" that can travel on the telephone wires, cancelling any geografical distances, just think that in the States most of the software house work within the national territory (30 times bigger than ours)




I have received program offers that have a much lower cost than yours. Is it possible a price reduction?

Caution, Software is a special "good" that requires professionality and a high time engagement and general human resources. Unfortunately this kind of cost is not possible to reduce it below a certain limit. Below this, you might find programs written by not qualified staff to produce high quality software . In this case savings will only be apparent and soon it will become a lost of time and the product will be  put aside . It is more important to consider quality related to price.

The high number of installations and the most advanced production and support tools enabled CORAEL to keep the prices low and to achieve a quality/price relation with much more advantages regarding what the sector market offers.

However if the Company should have balance problems is possible to use/ask foreseen special conditions of the year user license, enabling the payment in a yearly rate.





Which are the advantages of having access to archives independently from the program?

Many.First of all the warranty in case of program replacing all the loaded  data archives (that it will have a higher value at that moment  than the program itself) will not be lost, it will be easily converted and set to be used by another software. Another important advantage is that using the comands of DBase language (extremely easy to learn) the files data can be processed without using any program , to produce por instance: tables statistcs ect...

The file format DBase is considered as standard at world level, some software instruments/tools are ready to be converted or used in ambient SQL, if its use should be diffused in the future.





Is it possible to be linked in a net of many computers so that different operators could use the same files and programs?

Yes. the program integration is inmediate if these are installed in the same computer. In several computers a net connection is needed and a right hardware setting to correctly process the simultaneous acess of several operators to the same files and programs.

We consider that in processing applications, the net connection offers many advantages, enabling several operators to carry out simultaneously the same processing with a consequent production increase and ensuring that data will be always updated and available for any processing.





Is the support contract compulsory? If is signed, which services do you offer?

The user contract offers the right to use this program as it is at the purchase moment. The purchase of the user license offers you the right to benefit three months free support and therefore all updating executed int the warranty period. When this term expires, the Company can agree for a support contract which will supply:

all improving and normative updatings of the programs,

telephone hot line to consul analysts and programers,

files/archives support after having sent a copy of them.




Who offers me reliability of what you have asserted?

First of all, we advise our potential customers not to buy a software without knowing it, but first to check all the features stated by the suppliers.

That is why CORAEL supplies upon request of real interested Companies demostrations of almost all programs, in a complete release, with an only limitation of the number of records that can be effected on the files , with only the shipping costs and out-of- pocket expenses that will be deduced in case of the product purchase.

In alternative here you find free demo  for download.





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